Saturday, October 29, 2011

Let it Snow!

Yesterday I decided I was going to go back Ana. I hung out with some friends and all I ended up eating throughout the day was a 160cal parfait and tons of iced tea sweetened with Splenda (: Overall I think I did really well. Yesterday morning i weighed 141.8 and this morning I'm down to 136.6. I think it seems pretty low but I think I might be because I'm on my period so all the bloating is going away. Oh well as long as the number on the scale keeps decreasing I'm happy. 

It's been so cold in this town lately, today it even started snowing... in October! I was kind of bummed out because I don't really like the cold but hey, being cold burns calories and I've noticed that sometimes it even curves hunger? Ha so by all means... let it snow (:

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