Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ouchh !


Yeapp, i accidently ripped out my left hip microdermal ): it took me forever to find the jewelry but i managed to before the whole closed and i put it back in. It hurt sooo badd but i really didnt wanna have only one piercing bahaha. But yeah im hoping for the best now, like sp it doesnt get infected or anything but i have to admit, im so scared! Aaaaah!

Besides that near hear-attack experience ahha today i didnt pretty good on my restricting. Heres what i had:

(3) slice of toast with cottage cheese.  
(1) propel water stuff
(1) Diet cherry coke
(1) single poptart

It comes out to like 410calories but i was on the elliptical in gym class and burned 50calories so it was a total of 360calories! I wanna eat the same thing tomorrow but like minus the poptart because theres 200calories in a single one! Cant wait to start shedding pounds (:

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Lucy: gosh, why are you so mean ?

Co-worker: because youre a minority and youre ugly

Yeapp this actually happend today. I cant believe people can be this mean especially to me i mean im like the nicest person ever "/ but on the brightside i did manage to lose 2.2pounds. Im not even excited after what happend at work today, whatever im gonna go stuff my face now

Friday, March 25, 2011

food is evil

ughh , so yesterday i didn't go to school and i stayed home and ended up eating everything ! ): it was like i was a zombie and couldn't stop. I felt awful afterwards. im gonna try to remember that feeling next time i want to binge. the only good thing that came out of yesterday is that i went out and bought enough diet soda and vitamin water to last me until September haha. Im planning on doing a liquid fast today and probably tomorrow as well.

but yeah this morning when i got on my blog i noticed i had three followers ! thanks so much girls (((: 

whoop whoop ! today was turkey dinner day and you know who didnt have any of it ? this girl right here haha im so proud of myself because thats one of my biggest weaknesses. This morning i had a doctors appointment and it turns out i gained 2pounds ): i am now 139, fml! hopefully this liquid fast takes off at least three pounds. Tonights my friends surprise birthday party but it seems so risky because theres gonna be plenty of food but then again it is her birthday so i dont want to bail on her. uhmm, i guess i can go and stay for like an hour or so. ohh dear im gonna have to stock up mints so i dont eat anything else ha but heres some motivation for you prettty ladies. always remember to stay strong <3333

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fasting is the way to goo ! (:

I fasted all day yesterday and even found an ana buddy, woot woot ! Today i plan on fasting again which i think will be a piece of cake, yumm that sounds so good but not for me because saying no to fatty foods is like saying yes to becoming thin haha i love that quote (: but yeapp im doing pretty well. This morning i weighed in at 137.8 ! Yess, im out of the forties now i just hope i make it past the mid-30s because that always seems like mt everest lmao. Ohh well i will overcome this mountain, wish me luck !

but now heres some thinspo , enjoy !

Monday, March 21, 2011

why, hello there !

Elllo, my name is Lucy.

Spring is finally here, which means it'll soon be time to bring out the short shorts and bikinis or in other words, its time for some serious weight loss ! As of today i am a shocking 143pounds. The lowest i can weigh and still have a BMI of 18.1 is 117pounds. Thats my ultimate goal. Tomorrow i will start a 3day fast, if anyone wants to as well dont be afraid to contact me, especially since im currently looking for an ana buddy (: Hmm, blogging seems to take my mind off of food so im guessing ill probably be adding new posts on a daily basis haha