Saturday, November 19, 2011


Stepping on the scale
Praying I lost weight
The number that the scale tells me
Determines my fate
I lost five pounds
Only twenty more to go
I promise I'll stop then
But you don't think so
Do aerobics at 5:00am
Then at one and eight
Desperately trying to get rid of
This fat body that I hate
Breakfast I don't eat
Lunch a piece of bread
Dinner I'll feed the toilet monster
Tomorrow's meals I dread

I do not own this poem.*

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Make me into a Pretty Zombie.

Ew, I took the SATs this morning, there was a good side to it though. I took some Adderal to make sure I was focused since I have ADD and etc. But yes, even though I was a complete zombie today, my appetite was gone! This is all I ate today:

Noon- Special K granola bar (90calories)
7:30PM- Weight Watchers wheat bread, 1 slice (40calories), Cottage cheese 2tbsp. (20 calories), Hot sauce (0calories)
Exercise: Elliptical 20minutes (-200calories)

Total: -50calories, :D

Whoop whooop, and I'm not even hungry! I'm going to start taking that medication more often haha, who needs personality when you can be thin? I'm going to be a pretty zombie (: